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COVID-19: Changing attitudes & relationships

In our post on COVID-19 as seen through Video Blogs (See here), the key findings were about how quality of life was the main topic being discussed, how mental issues were the sub-topic discussed most and how the majority of the sentiment was negative.

Amongst the comments, emails and personal wishes (much appreciated), came an important question. For the 28% who were positive, what were they positive about?

Digging deeper, what we found is that 87% of our positive video bloggers were talking about society and others rather than the mental impact on themselves. What seems to be coming through is how the lockdown / stay-at-home orders are reinforcing and creating new values. Whether that is temporary or permanent is difficult to conclude at the moment. What is more certain is that attitudes and relationships are evolving in fascinating ways right now, and it is not all bad.


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