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Vaccine v Treatment

With so much research going into COVID-19 and with some many drug candidates being suggested as solutions, it is easy to get confused with what each drug is doing and how it helps. Vaccines for COVID-19:

  • Prevent people getting COVID-19

  • No existing Coronavirus treatment

  • Research picking up from failed research on SARS & MERS

  • Requires Clinical Trials process and production facilities

  • Estimate: 18 months to develop

  • 2021 solution

Treatments for COVID-19:

  • Help people with the more severe COVID-19

  • Typically existing drugs available used to treat other diseases

  • Clinical Trials on potential candidates quicker

  • Blunt the severity of COVID-19

  • 2020 solution

Both types of drugs are critical pillars in tackling COVID-19 (and future potential strains).


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